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Omega on Skylan stands

The Omega Grande 6 and Skylan stands at 6moons!

The stands
"The speakers were placed on Skylan 20" high mass loading stands custom designed for Omega, by Noel Nolan of Calgary, Alberta/Canada. They are different (read: not steel or regular wood), so I gave Noel a call to chat. His accent surprised me. Turns out, Noel came to Calgary from Ireland in 1976 "just to get away, to follow a dream, see the world", he said. Obviously, he decided to stay and brought with him his background in pressure vessel fabrication and steel manufacturing (think gas tanks/lines that carry fuels from fields)."

"...Noelšs shop is a two-man operation. He says it's not a long process but does it all mostly by hand, believing this to be more accurate. As in Louis' shop, youšll find no CNC router here. Still, the corners are rounded which is nice and friendly. Two yellow racks [see one above] are made for apres-paint drying as the columns, custom extruded in British Columbia, arrive at Skylan's in 3.5" x 3.5" inch square shape with a 1/8 inch wall thickness and require a surface finish."

6moons reviews Skylan stands

6moons reviews Skylan stands

right after listening to some steel ones.


Omega Speaker Systems Superhemp Loudspeakers and Skylan Custom Speaker Stands
by Gary Beard


Harbeth Loudspeakers

on Skylan stands.


de Capos

on Skylan stands.

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