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Component Racks

A Rack that won't ROCK, but will ROLL!

This design evolved from the need to preserve the equipment, safety and décor of high-end dealer showrooms. Because SKYLAN racks made it so much easier to demo systems, dealers helped us to improve them by adding depth and other useful subtleties. It wasn't long before customers wanted them in their own homes!
SKYLAN component racks are built totally from MDF. The weight of these innovative Component Racks belies their strength. Manufactured to SKYLAN specification, our Component Racks provide superior acoustical isolation properties.

Custom stand for Harbeth speaker

Speaker Stands

Anchor your speakers in acoustic space!

SKYLAN speaker stands are MASS-LOADING.

Strong, yet light, they are engineered with MDF and Polymer Extrusion.
These stands are designed for the serious audiophile at reasonable prices.

Amplifier Base

SKYLAN is devoted to researching better materials for use in audio furniture.

Our cost-effective solutions have opened new markets in acoustical vibration control, as our amplifier base testifies.

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