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Audiophiles recognize the importance of a damping platform for trouble-free playback. Equipment isolation platforms are usually expensive, heavy and ungainly.
Resonance Damping Block


Isolation for your turntable
Isolation for your CD, DVD players
Audio/Video Preamp Isolation
Vibration Isolation for your Power Amp


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Width: 17.5 inches
Depth: 15 inches
Material thickness: (MDF) 5/8 inch
Overall Height: 2 inches

The SKYLAN isolation platform is a resonance inhibitor that does the job admirably and is also inexpensive. The external panels take advantage of the strength, low cost and acoustical superiority of MDF. Sandwiched between these panels is a proprietary viscous material with excellent mechanical isolation properties. The platform rests on ceramic spheres.

Taking resonance control seriously, DECWARE has contracted with SKYLAN to make a custom amp stand for the Zen Triode Monoblock.

Decware Amp Platform



Width: 9 inches
Depth: 14 inches
Material (MDF) thickness: 5/8 inch (Top Layer) 1 inch (Bottom Layer)
Overall Height: 1- 3/4 inches

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Cary,v12.j on SKYLAN platform


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