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Establishing a Foundation - The SKYLAN Speaker Stand (click here!)

A Rack that won't ROCK, but will ROLL!

A Rack that won't ROCK, but will ROLL!

SKYLAN stands and racks are designed to be strong, rigid and as acoustically dead as possible. Years of experience have focused SKYLAN design on the important details.

Every SKYLAN feature, from rounded corners to casters is the result of years of use in dealer showrooms. And as you can see for yourself in the picture of the SMP-4400 at left, form follows function.

dampskystand.jpg (8612 bytes)

Cost-effective Solutions

Skylan's cost-effective solutions are opening new markets in vibration control, cancellation and mitigation.

The prototype stand shown here is an example of Skylan's devotion to researching better materials for use in Audio furniture. The pillar is mass-loaded with sand. The top and bottom plates are viscous-damped.

While the steep angle of the camera belies its height, this photo accentuates the sandwiched plate construction and supporting surface detail.

When you purchase one of Skylan's carefully conceived and artfully produced products you can rely on superior workmanship and quality.

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